MAKER FEST is an informal local event typically organized by volunteers/change makers like you and me. From once to several times a year, small groups of like minded people gather local volunteers in their own community (university, neighborhood, village, apartment complex) and celebrate the makers they know.

We believe that some makers may start small, but could have an enormous impact even globally.

For example : a tinkerer in the village of Chotila plays around with a few materials and designs and comes up with a fabulous local refrigerator – now widely adopted and recognized as Mittikool.

Two students and a professor play around with a hospital database and create new search algorithms and out comes Google.

In our own Ahmedabad an enterprising man from South Africa, and his friends decide to work with local industrialists to find a space, gather regularly and collaborate on how to free India from foreign rule.

Every transformative act starts small. By people exactly like you and me.

A Maker fest can be organized at different scales. Some can be as small as a handful of makers gathering in your backyard or under a nice shady tree in your village, to thousands coming from all over the world like at Maker Faire California (our biggest source of inspiration) and Maker Faire Africa (originally funded by our own founder).

In Maker fest Ahmedabad we invite makers from various parts of the world to share and exchange their ideas, activities, art, workshops, products and services with makers in India. In a three day event that celebrates and showcases these collaborations, we hosts various product displays, workshops and talks.

From ages 5 to 90, ours is a self organized community of innovators, inventors, tinkerers, students, craftsmen, scientists, artists, technologists, designers and doctors that believe that our current times allow us an unprecedented opportunity to innovate, problem solve and design for our own local communities in small flexible groups.

Basically people like you and me who believe that we are all agents of change for good – if we act. Action is critical in this global phenomenon